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Oliver h lowry oliver howe lowry (july 18, 1910 describing the protein assay was still the most-highly cited paper of all time with more than 310,000. Biochemist named in analysis of us highly cited papers claims it is not his main contribution to science. Citeseer has a list of the most cited articles in computer what are the most cited works in computer science which is the most cited paper in computer. Hopefully the code i’m using here is clear enough: lyp 88, for example, is lee, yang and parr (1988) the entries on the diagonal are the total numbers of citations.

Here, carbon brief analyses which papers have had the biggest impact in the academic world graphic preview: the top ten most cited climate papers. The most cited articles published since 2013, extracted from scopus. The following are the papers to my knowledge being cited the most in the paper has 1651 citations and is listed in my most cited computer vision paper. The most highly cited paper in publishing history: protein determination by oliver h lowry it was cited 275,669 times.

National academy of sciences contact feedback most-cited articles as of january 1 colloquium paper: jörg schultz. Most-cited papers the most-cited papers based on data from google scholar (last updated 1/11/2018. 2258 highly cited researchers (h100) according to their google scholar citations public profiles seventh edition.

The rome foundation established an award for the most cited paper in memory of ken heaton md, former consultant physician at the bristol royal infirmary and reader in. Most-cited papers the most-cited papers based on data from google scholar (last updated 10/11/2017. It will surprise few that methods papers lead the list of the most cited scientific articles ever—at least those tracked in the institute for scientific information.

This post introduces a curated list of the most cited deep learning papers (since 2012), provides the inclusion criteria, shares a few entry examples, and points to.

most cited paper

Top cited articles of all time (2013 edition) the 40 most highly cited papers of all time (2013 edition) keep in mind that citation counts can never be exact. Which papers made the biggest splash this year linkurl:sciencewatch, a website that tracks and analyzes trends in basic science research. About a year ago i wrote a post on some of the most important historic physics papers this included such revolutionary papers as einstein's initial paper on special.

[email protected] eugene garfield institute forscientific [email protected]’ 3501 market st philadelphia pa 191c4 i the most-cited papers of all time, scz. When you say most cited economics paper of all time are you referring to one single paper or do you also include one thousand copies of the same paper each of which. The writers at nature news recently put together a list of the 100 most highly cited papers of all time there are a few surprises in here, including the fact that it.

most cited paper most cited paper most cited paper most cited paper
Most cited paper
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